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Point of Sale

When Char-Broil rolled out a new line of grills equipped with innovative cooking technology, TRU™ Infrared, we developed a campaign to introduce the public to infrared grilling and promote the technology at every touch point. Backed by a comprehensive update of the overall Char-Broil brand, our approach emphasized direct customer interaction at the point of sale.

The TRU™ Infrared mark made an unknown technology engaging and accessible—and provided a memorable spark in every customer interaction.


With the creative team at Clear Blue

The launch of TRU™ Infrared cooking was backed by a wider update of Char-Broil’s primary brand. New brand standards were created to ensure that updated Char-Broil positioning and guidelines received both internal and external support.

A major component of the new brand standards was a new badging program applied not only to TRU™ Infrared products, but also across every line of Char-Broil grills.

Hang tag brochures on-product educated customers about infrared technology and its culinary benefits.

Point of sale graphics applied to grill lids and on the warming racks inside each grill promoted key TRU™ Infrared benefits.

Updated grill cartons carried Char-Broil’s new brand guidelines from promotional and informational materials to packaging.

Updated brand standards also included redesigned on-product graphics, down to the icons used for grill controls.