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Endura manufactures the most advanced door components in the world. Endura products aren’t just uniquely integrable with standard doors–they’re designed to exponentially improve door performance. With that capability in mind, it made perfect sense to build an ingredient brand program around the tag line, “Powered By Endura.” Introduced at consecutive industry trade shows and promoted through print advertising, the program continues to roll out.

The Powered by Endura badge combines elements of the Endura logo and a proprietary logotype with the look of metal to evoke both precision and performance.

Print Ad and Insert

Print ads featuring eye-catching combinations of color, humor, and informational content were developed to build industry anticipation during the lead-up to the offical launch of the Powered By Endura program at the International Builders Show.

Trade Show Brochures

The Powered By Endura concept was introduced at the International Builders Show and subsequent trade shows, where brochures not only featured products displayed in Endura’s booth, but also educated builders about how those products were were Powered By Endura.

Trade Show

Three-dimensional versions of the Powered By Endura badge featured prominently in Endura’s trade show booth, which was designed as a metaphor for a house in each stage of construction. Displays and materials throughout the booth used a common design language that began in the badge to talk about how successful door systems are Powered By Endura.

Micro Site

A single-page microsite promoted the Powered By Endura program by showcasing the practical benefits delivered by integrating Endura components into door systems.

Certified Powered           By Endura

The final step in implementing the new program was the re-branding of an existing program offering certified performance backed by strong warranties when Endura components were used in door systems. A primary brochure explained the premise and demonstrated the components of the program.