Made you look.

At its core, effective branding captures a viewer’s attention at first sight. On the page or in the aisle, the best brands succeed by standing out–even in highly competitive visual environments. Ranging from small to large, the projects below represent a cross-section of work designed to do just that.

Irwin Tools

Point of sale with measurable results. 

What could be more fun than point of sale that uses the primary attribute of the product as the visual hook? The list of benefits goes on and on.

With the creative team at Clear Blue

Kobalt Tools

Big-box retail presence.

Part of a larger brand launch for Kobalt Tools, a design language was developed for tool packaging using brand and message to capture volumes of space in-aisle.

With the creative team at BOLTGROUP

Comfortaire Showroom

Breathing life into air-supported sleep.

Comfortaire’s original showroom at the High Point Furniture Market incorporated a full range of branded elements to communicate the benefits associated with air-supported sleep. Comfortaire’s signature logotype featured prominently, while translucent banners evoked a light and airy feel. Solid panels provided a sense of structure but maintained an open feel. The gentle waves formed by the logotype’s lowercase “f” repeated in flowing forms around the room.

Bondera Tile MatSet

Taking the mystery out of a brand new product.

From product name to branding to packaging,  Bondera’s identity introduced a totally new DIY product developed by W.R. Grace by putting function at the forefront.

The Bondera logotype combined the idea of bonding—with the compressed kerning of “ND”—with concepts of endurance and permanence, hence “ERA” being broken out.

With eye-catching colors and graphic forms, the packaging for Bondera worked to attract customer attention and to educate consumers at a glance about the product’s function, usability, and potential.

With the creative team at Clear Blue