Making branding an individual experience.

The internet lets us choose how we take in information and perceptions about a brand. Web sites should provide meaningful information and the freedom to navigate to that information in a seamless, satisfying experience. A web site lets us use every tool, visual and written, to unpack a brand in ways that cannot be duplicated in other media.

It’s new! Take a look.


Comfortaire launched its new brand with an all new website that showcased Comfortaire’s new line of beds, and showed off the brand’s new look to the world. The site combined a retail function with education and customer service. The user experience was friendly and the site kept open and airy, calm and restful. The site used original photography and iconography throughout.

The home page offered users shopping, a snapshot of each bed in Comfortaire’s line, education about air supported sleep and promoted specific benefits.

Each bed series can be accessed directly from the home page for quick comparison of each bed in the series.

Users could also navigate directly to a single mattress from the home page. At the mattress level, a user could explore multiple views of the mattress, testamonials, how the mattress was constructed, and options on improving functionality.

Digging deep into the where and why.


Founded by specialists in research and strategy, Voccii offers unique research-based products as well as strategy driven by research. The theme of the site, Go Deep, encouraged site users to look more deeply at how Voccii could meet specific needs.

Fresh imagery and a healthy dose of personality invited users to learn more.

The principals of Vocciii, both women, loved a portait that steered away from a traditional mug shot.

Shades of Voccii’s corporate deep purple drew users across each page.

The contact page offered an invitational call-to-action, and uniquely, an hour of consulting.