Opening eyes to the benefits of air-supported sleep.







Point of Sale


Comfortaire’s reputation rests on a history of improving customers’ health and well-being through air-supported sleep. To promote the promise of sleeping on air, Comfortaire relaunched its brand and product line with a bold new look that spanned every aspect of customer contact, from the consumer to third-party retailers.

Light, air and the signature flow of the Comfortaire wave swept across print, internet and point of sale.

The official launch of Comfortaire’s revitalized brand at the 2017 Las Vegas Furniture Market drew record-breaking attendance and strongly positive responses across the board.

Print Advertising

Leading to the new product launch, key messaging took on a consumer-oriented look and feel to emphasize the benefits of air-supported sleep.
New product ads driven by proven claims characterized a relatable mini-campaign promising relief for couples who refused to compromise on comfort.

Las Vegas Furniture Market Showroom

Comfortaire did a complete renovation of its space at the Las Vegas Furniture market to launch the updated brand and new product line. The space communicated the open, airy positioning of the revitalized brand through a pair of 25-foot-long backlit graphics along with super graphics, custom lighting and furniture, and dimensional treatments of the updated logo. Smashing attendence records, the show set the tone for a successful brand launch.
Collaboration with BeckerStudio fueled the new showroom design.

Mattress Labels

Product hierarchy for mattresses is reflected in a simple system using color codes and alphanumeric naming under an umbrella name for each category of three beds. The Comfortaire logo is complimented by a corporate mark—uniquely individual comfort represented by something uniquely individual, a fingerprint.

Point of Sale Graphics

Point of sale graphics communicated key brand messages with a branded color palette and an airy, light-infused feel.